The Symm Family

Who we are and why we do this...

(L-R) Bridget, Will, Parker, Bill

Our families have been steeped in generations of humble stewards who taught us to respect our environment and to give back as much as possible.  My husband, Bill, and I were both raised in God's country - the Texas Hill Country, along the banks of the Guadalupe River.  Our families raised cattle, goats, horses, chickens, vegetables, fruits and even children.  We grew up eating out of the garden, processing meat from animals we raised, caught or killed, not in excess, only when necessary, and most importantly, we lived with the land.

Our journey to continue this lineage sincerely began with our youngest son, Parker.  In August of 2012 (at the age of 18 months), we dramatically became aware of our son's severe allergies to peanuts and sesame.  From that moment, our life and perspective on food, society, consumption, and many other things has changed significantly.  Quite frankly, for the better in our opinion…our diet is predominately organic  (not in the trendy sense), but we try whole-heartly to grow, process and create what we consume - vegetables, meats, breads, etc.  We are working toward making our lifestyle truly self-sustaining and self-preserving.   As anyone who embarks on similar endeavors is well aware, this transformation takes time, patience, a positive attitude and, most importantly - gifts from above.  

We strive to educate and create awareness of the importance of recognizing and legitimizing food allergies.  We understand that not everyone can or desires to live as we do, but we hope to provide others with an example of a family that can…successfully and happily.  

Our perspective might best be conveyed in the words of Lynyrd Skynyrd's song, "Simple Man"...

Take your time...Don't live too fast,

Troubles will come and they will pass…don't forget son, there is someone up above.

Be a simple kind of man.  Be something you can love and understand.

Forget your lust for the rich man's gold.  All you need is in your soul.  You can do this if you try.

Follow your heart and nothing else.  All I want for you son is to be satisfied.